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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Planned Parenthood internal emails show they secretly planned with drugmaker to make $20 profit per Morning After Pill pack
...when internal emails of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA) were made public during a California court case...[t]hese documents show how the organization worked out a secret arrangement with Barr Pharmaceuticals, the owner of the Plan B [Morning After Pill] patent. Under a five-year agreement, Planned Parenthood would be able to buy Plan B from Barr at bargain-basement prices, undercut local pharmacies and clear an average $20 profit on each Plan B kit."
They dispensed 633,756 Morning After Pills in 02-03, and 774,482 in 03–04. Probably at least as many in 04-05, maybe another jump of about 140,000 year over year, to 915,200.

That's a profit of $18.3 million a year on MAPs alone.

On something that is basically high-dose birth control pills:

The site says this:
There are two types of morning after pill available. One morning after pill uses the hormones estrogen and progestin - the same hormones used in standard birth control. The other morning after pill uses progestin only. The morning after pill acts to delay ovulation, prevents fertilization, or inhibits implantation by altering the endometrium [again, emphasis mine but not the words themselves].
"The same hormones used in standard birth control."

One study showed that women taking standard birth control pills are 14 times more likely to develop blood clots from airplane travel [published by the prestigious JAMA in its Internal Medicine Archives, Vol. 163 No. 22, December 8, 2003, in that link].

Another study found that those using birth control pills for 10 or more years double their risk of cervical cancer (which kills 5,000 women yearly). If they took it for 5-9 years, the risk is increased 60%. [this April 04, 2003 study, commissioned by the World Health Organisation, combined the data from 28 studies, involving 12,500 women with cervical cancer from several countries including the UK and USA. It was published in the Lancet, by researchers from Cancer Research UK's Epidemiology Unit in Oxford, England, and the International Agency for Research on Cancer in Lyon, France. (Reaney, Reuters)].

[Those with doubled risk of cervical cancer would include me, since that was how long I was on the Pill to try to stem the advance of my endometriosis, which ironically, I believe was caused by my abortion.]

After reading the above scientific studies, I would like to say to any of our readers who think I'm "lying," presenting "false medical information" or that I'm only "about religion" in my objection to the Morning After Pill, please know that none of those apply here.

I give a damn about the women being harmed (myself included) by birth control, by abortion and their variations--not just about the babies. That's why I write about it. If anyone chooses not to believe the science and scientists I quote, that's fine, no one's saying you have to. But I won't be silenced ever again about this stuff. If I am sarcastic or seem incapable of accepting that these things cause women no harm, I have done some homework myself and learned that that just isn't true. It is that from which I speak. If you were in my shoes, realizing the many horrors I've subjected myself to, you might understand me better.

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