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Monday, September 12, 2005

The Abortion Recovery Directory has been re-designed. Take a look! When I click through on individual states, I find that in most states, only about 20% of the existing abortion recovery programs have gotten themselves listed.

Sometimes news travels so slowly in post-abortion-land. (Unless you read this blog, of course, whose readers get news when it happens!)

The Abortion Recovery Directory is the only national multi-resource referral agency out there. As such, it is where Silent No More Awareness refers people who are suffering after abortion It is also where the Option Line refers women who are looking for help with resolving a past abortion experience.

SNMAC is launching a set of commercials in October in New York, Delaware, Michigan and South Carolina. It would especially behoove ministries in those states to register with the Abortion Recovery Directory. If you know of anyone affiliated with a post-abortion ministry in those states, please send them a link to this entry and encourage them to sign up.

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