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Friday, September 30, 2005

According to today's Detroit News, the teenager who caused the death of his girlfriend's in utero baby by repeatedly whacking her in the belly with a baseball bat has been sentenced to serve 200 hours of community service in a pro-life pregnancy center.

As the subhead says, "Judge's order for boy convicted of hitting girlfriend with a bat to end pregnancy prompts objections."

MOUNT CLEMENS -- A teenage boy convicted of striking his girlfriend with a baseball bat to end her pregnancy has been sentenced to 200 hours of community service at a pro-life pregnancy center, drawing objections from his lawyer and his family.

Macomb Circuit Judge Matthew Switalski on Thursday sentenced the 17-year-old Richmond teen to two years probation and community service at Compassion Pregnancy Centers, which has two locations in Macomb County.

The youth -- who pleaded no contest in August to hitting his 16-year-old girlfriend in the stomach with her consent to cause a miscarriage -- hugged the girl in the hallway outside the courtroom after the sentencing. The teens' names are being withheld because they are juveniles.

According to Compassion Pregnancy Centers' Web site, the center is "directed by the Holy Spirit, will encourage and comfort women and their families who face a crisis pregnancy by: extending Christ-like compassion and the soul-saving good news of salvation; giving spiritual, emotional and physical support and educating about life issues."
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