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Wednesday, September 7, 2005

As a member of Operation Outcry International, I receive a weekly prayer request email, and this is an excerpt of just a few of the goings-on about what post-abortive women and men and ministries are doing to help Hurricane Katrina survivors. Prayers, and for those who don't pray, just our thoughts and well wishes, go to these and all in need.

Tuesday, September 6, 2005

- Pray for wisdom and discernment for Cindy (Louisiana) and her family. Pray that the Holy Spirit would guide them in all decisions regarding their home, pregnancy center, and radio station. Cindy sent this update last week:
Thank you for the prayers. God's grace is surrounding us. I appreciate your prayers for our family and those we serve. We made it safely to North Mississippi... took about 8 hours.

Sensing for the days ahead for all of us to "live Light" as we traveled out with what we felt we would need for the future..holding lightly to the past. We will try to return later this week. I think this is the 4th evacuation, since I've lived in this area.

I will try to contact a friend that is on our local police force for an evaluation. I believe the Lord has been merciful to us.
- Pray for comfort, peace, and provision for Mary (Louisiana) and her family.

- Prayer request from Maureen (Pennsylvania): I am asking for prayers of restoration for my cousin Mary Frances and her family. They were able to get to Dallas before the hurricane hit, but they are still waiting to see if they lost everything. They are assuming they did. They live in Kenner, LA. She, her husband and son are now living with their daughter in Dallas. Thank you for your prayers.

- Prayer request from Carole (Texas): Please pray for me the week of Sept 11 -17. I will be leaving for Louisiana to help with the relief effort with the Southern Baptist Convention.

- Prayer request from Rebecca (Florida): Caring to Love Ministries pregnancy center in Baton Rouge, LA has become a distribution center for hurricane Katrina refugee mothers and babies. Please pray about making a 100% SECURE online contribution (don't worry, the page does show the "https" and closed lock icon once you click through to the actual donation page, and you can use PayPal or credit card) to their relief efforts. Pray that they are prepared to handle the increase in crisis pregnancies that will result in the next 4-10 weeks.

- Pray for communication with Yolanda (Alabama) and protection for her family.

- Prayer request from Carole (Texas): Pray for strength for Operation Save America as they support the refugees at The High Place Campsite in Florence, MS. At last count between 600 and 800 homeless, jobless, tired and weary folks are camped out with Brother Butch and are in desperate need of our help. Flip and David are on their way with the first batch of supplies but there is a tremendous need that only God can meet, and you can help. Make a donation in any amount and we will be careful stewards making sure that it is used in cost effective manner to meet the most important needs. You can go to their website to donate on-line and read more about what is happening with the refugees.

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