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Thursday, September 8, 2005

From the Western Catholic Reporter, a Canadian weekly, Rachel's Vineyard offers new retreat for non-Catholics.

Non-Catholic Christians who have lost children through abortion, stillbirth or miscarriage will now be able to seek healing in a more inclusive setting.

Rachel's Vineyard, a Catholic retreat for women trying to overcome their regret over the loss of a child, will soon be offered in a non-denominational format.

A five-member team with representatives of several Christian denominations, including a Catholic sister, was recently set up to conduct ecumenical retreats at least twice a year. The first one will be held Dec. 2-4.

Marlene Javorsky and Jennifer Boustead are leading the effort. The two Baptist women, who took the Catholic retreat in early 2003 and then led a few retreats afterwards, decided to apply for non-denominational status because they thought the retreat's Catholic format was not inclusive enough.

"We are not reaching the Protestant women and we saw a need for this," Javorsky said.

"I really sense personally that there's got to be women out there that are of the Protestant faith that are afraid to come to a Catholic-format retreat."
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