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Friday, September 2, 2005

Jennifer O'Neill, a national spokeswoman for Silent No More Awareness, is creating a new television show called Living Forever...More, which will air on Cornerstone Television and will address all the issues women deal with, including abortion.

According to the publicity materials for the series,

Jennifer O’Neill Ministries is a non-political, non-denominational 501.3.c
outreach organization in support of women and families’ needs, in Jesus’ name.
My passion is to cross all barriers that divide the body of Christ and offer biblically based answers to tough issues such as sexual abuse, depression, Godly vs. worldly esteem, teen suicide, domestic violence, abstinence, abortion, post abortive healing and foster care adoption. The Ministries’ focus is to support and empower women, thereby creating a positive trickle-down effect to the core family as well as inspiring the mentoring of others in the community at large.

For the last decade, I’ve traveled all across America reaching hundreds of
thousands of individuals with God’s message of hope, forgiveness and healing,
especially when it comes to “life issues”. I appear regularly before Congress and
the Senate, guest on National T.V. and radio talk shows, and speak at schools,
churches, youth groups, seminars, conferences and fundraisers.

I’m honored to be the Spokesperson and Affiliate of We Care America, as well as the Spokesperson
for the National Silent No More Awareness Campaign.

I’ve harnessed my 30 years of experience in film and T.V. to produce and host the syndicated T.V./Web/High Definition series “Living Forever…More”, to be launched early in 2006 on Cornerstone T.V. (fifteen million viewers/ additional distribution will be announced shortly.) The show’s one-hour format will be aired weekly in a time slot set as an alternative to the “Oprah” show.

Our unique HDTV series was created to edify and celebrate women of God by
featuring segments about overcoming adversities, Health and Well-being issues, Hospitality, Beauty from the Inside Out, Home Improvement (Partners in Design),
and in-depth interviews with acclaimed authors and experts in areas of family,
marriage, finances, child rearing and Bible Study. Developing an intimate
relationship with Jesus while finding God’s will and personal excellence in all
areas of our lives is our top priority.

"Living Forever…More" has been produced with integrity, designed to ignite all
your possibilities and fashioned to touch your heart as well as your funny bone.
So, here is your opportunity to be part of the "Living Forever…More" series spread
the good news of Jesus Christ while inspiring the entire family as it broaches subjects that profoundly affect you and those you love.

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