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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

New blog! Abortion Watch is off-and-running with a post about stigmatizing unwed mothers:

THE GREATEST SHAME: One of the seldom spoken reasons why young girls have abortions is the social stigma that their own parents apply to other unwed mothers.

Parents and society at-large share a great deal of blame for abortion, for it’s our gossip and condemnation that helps turn the blessing of life into a great shame, and these young girls – often pro-life themselves – see killing their own child as a better alternative than facing ridicule from their parents, family, friends and the rest of society. With every critical comment and disapproving glance that’s directed toward an unwed mother, we actively contribute to abortion.
When I am working with a woman in post-abortion counseling, at some point I'll ask her what messages she got from her parents about pregnant teenagers (or pregnant college students or pregnant women just starting a career, etc.), and after she thinks for awhile, it's not unusual for her to remember times when her parents heaped scorn on a cousin, a girl from church, or someone in the community who became pregnant in circumstances that the parents judged to be less-than-desirable.

If babies are gifts from God...aren't they...Gifts from God?

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