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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

We blogged yesterday on the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel article about memorials for children lost to abortion, miscarriage and stillbirth.

So did the blogger at Boots and Sabers. In The Nastiness of NARAL, he writes:

If the women were walking down Main Street in a procession to the tune of a soulful funeral dirge reminiscent of a New Orleans funeral march, then I could see that they were making a political issue of their grieving. But they did not. They erected a gravesite memorial to give them a place to go and grieve for their dead babies. It was an extremely personal gesture to give their dead babies all of the respect that we give other dead loved ones. A grave. A Mass. A name. All of us will have these when we die (OK, maybe not the Mass). These mothers want their babies to have the same respect.

The reaction of the NARAL thugs was callous and hurtful. They are completely disregarding the real emotional repercussions that some women endure after an abortion. NARAL may think that it’s a minor procedure to discard some unwanted tissue - like getting a mole removed - but many women suffer very real emotional pain for the rest of their lives after getting an abortion. Some of those women are still pro-choice, but their emotional pain is real. NARAL scornfully rejects these women’s pain as some sort of manipulative propaganda for advancing a political position.
The comments to his post are quite interesting; be sure to read them over.

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