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Friday, October 28, 2005

"25 years ago, I took part in a decision that separated me from the life of my unborn son. I can only imagine what type of young man he would be today. Sometimes when I mow the lawn or am doing work around the house, or on my car, I think how much I miss not having him here next to me, helping me, telling me about his day, learning from me, sharing jokes, or telling me his plans."
Pauly, of the wonderfully-named blog "Beer, Barbecue and Bible Study".
Pauly just commented in another post below on the inspiration to write that post.
My wife and I are involved in helping people through the post-abortion recovery process. I have never written about it in my blog, but I will be from here out.

For every woman who has an abortion, there is a man who was involved in the pregnancy also, unfortunately, the percentage of men who ever talk about it, much less seek recovery, is disproportionately low.

Maybe my writing will encourage some men to begin to seek the recovery process. Thanks for your writing.
Go read the whole thing. Welcome, Pauly.

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