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Monday, October 31, 2005

The BBC and Reuters have reported on an article that came out in last week's edition of the British Medical Journal that is an analysis of depression after aborting or carrying to term by Sarah Schmiege and Nancy Russo. Nancy Russo is the abortion lobby's version of David Reardon.

According to the study, the rate of depression after aborting an unwanted pregnancy is no higher than the rate of depression after carrying an unwanted pregnancy to term.

The Schmiege/Russo study analyzes the same data set that David Reardon and Jesse Cougle analyzed in a 2002 British Medical Journal article that does find higher rates of depression after abortion.

The differences in analysis have to do with how different variables are assigned and who is excluded (or not) from the study.

Reuters and the BBC did not cover the Reardon/Cougle article when it came out in 2002...nor have they reported on any of these articles in the recent medical literature.

The British Medical Journal has a rapid response feature and they are starting to get responses although not, I must say, terribly compelling responses.

We'll continue to cover this story, and look at the differences between the two competing analyses of the same data set.

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