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Friday, October 14, 2005

Oprah is looking for guests.

Is there a moment in time you wish you could take back?

Did you make a huge mistake that changed your life forever? Did you have an accident or do something in poor judgement and hurt yourself or someone you love? Did your accident or mistake change the course of your life? Do you feel responsible for the moment you can't take back or did something happen to you? Do you torture yourself with guilt and shame for making such a bad decision? Do you struggle with the consequences of the moment you wish you could take back? Did you do something terribly wrong that drastically altered the direction of your life? Did you make one bad choice that affected the rest of your life and now you wish you could take it back?
Did you humiliate yourself, or do something you feel was immoral, beneath you or even illegal as a desperate attempt to keep a relationship going?

Was it something that you now look back on and can't believe you did it? Maybe you engaged in sexual acts that you feel were humiliating, or you went into debt just to keep him. Perhaps you had plastic surgery so he'd be more physically attracted to you or maybe you regained weight you had lost to make him feel more comfortable. We're looking to hear the craziest things you did for love. If you did something outrageous you now regret just to please your spouse or significant other, we want to hear your story.

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