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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Silent No More-Minnesota held an event late last week in a park near a Planned Parenthood office in Owatonna, Minnesota. The local newspaper covered the event with an article headlined "Women Share Stories; Hope to Reach Others" and several pictures, here and here.

Some highlights of the article by Owatonna Press staff writer Michelle Fimon:

Seven years later, Cosgrove faced the issue of abortion again, she said, this time as a recipient of the procedure.

“What came next was an even longer road paved with guilt, regret, despair — 12 years worth,” she said. “During that time, I felt like the scum of the earth.”

Cosgrove, like others, spoke of her perceived unworthiness and her guilt — things which kept her from achieving a sense of forgiveness and acceptance leaving her shrouded in layers of denial and fear.

Valerie Dennis, 50, remembered a day 27 years ago when she changed her mind prior to the procedure while she was on the surgical table. Already hooked to an I.V., she was instead told, “It will be OK,” and then recalls coming to when the procedure was over.

Jody Kennedy, 39, told of her decision to have two abortions that had been described to her as “merely blobs of tissue and not unborn children.” She concluded by vowing that the next time she conceives “I will keep you and love you. Even if I must be on welfare ... even if the father were not to stay with us ... even if I am faced with further grief and pain in the awareness of the prior mistakes that I’ve made...Even if, even if....”

Tina Bunton, 38, had her first abortion at the age of 17. She said she purposely stayed away from pregnant women for years, as if her own “contamination” could taint them as well. “I remember the moment that I felt my (next) child move for the first time in my womb. It was the most wonderful and yet the most horrible moment of my life because it was then that I knew what I’d done with my child’s life those years

Vicki Kane, 46, said she used drugs, sex and alcohol to numb the memories of two abortions.

Terese Douglas, 48, was returning to Owatonna to speak after having been here with Cosgrove two years ago. She continued to tell her story of addiction —and the 20 years of sobriety — following the abortion she had at age 16. Her story didn’t come with the happy ending, but rather with an account of a tubal pregnancy and infertility.
Thank you, Ann Marie, Vicki, Jody, Terese, Valerie and the other women who were part of this event.

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