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Wednesday, November 9, 2005

Anyone watch The Last Abortion Clinic on PBS/Frontline last night?

I didn't, but there will be mucho commentary about it today on blogs that cover abortion. See Amy Welborn.

Note that there's an active message board attached to the PBS website about the show.

When I have spent time with on-the-ground pro-life activists, my sense is that many of them are not aware of what is sometimes described as the "chip away at Roe" legal strategy. The Last Abortion Clinic describes this strategy and how it has worked in one state.

Why are so many pro-life activists underinformed about this strategy? There are a lot of pro-life groups. When they send out newsletters and fundraising letters, they tend to focus exclusively on what their group did, with some level of success, in the last months or years. By and large, they don't talk about what other groups, in other states, are doing...even when what those other groups, in other states, have done has been resoundingly, remarkably effective.

Perhaps paradoxically, this Frontlines show will make a lot of pro-life activists much more aware of the details and successes of a strategy that, so far, has not been pursued with focused energy in very many places.

This will create pressure on the leaders of statewide pro-life organizations to invest themselves more fully in this type of strategy since they will increasingly hear from the troops in the field, "Why aren't you doing what they did in that Frontlines show?"

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