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Monday, November 14, 2005

Dr. Vanessa Cullins is a board-certified obstetrician/gynecologist and vice president for medical affairs at Planned Parenthood Federation of America, who when asked on their site, "I've been hearing lately that the [Ortho Evra] birth control patch is dangerous. Is that true?", says,
" is one of the safest, most convenient, and most effective methods of reversible contraception available to women today."
She's also on the payroll of the maker of the Ortho Evra Patch: "...said Cullins, who has done research, consulted for and been a speaker for Ortho McNeil and other drug companies."

Gee. Why am I not surprised.

That featured Planned Parenthood article about the safety of Ortho Evra's Patch neglects that. It also neglects to mention that this Patch has killed 23 women in the past three years.

Does no one in Big Media see any problem with this? How about at the FDA? How about among us peons, especially those who've been duped by Planned Parenthood's so-called "experts?" Any. problem. whatsoever?

Ortho-McNeil, maker of Ortho-Evra, quoted Cullins prominently on this website page. That's the Google-cache copy, at least. They've apparently thought better of her presence on their site and removed that page and the quote, replacing it with a direct link to their home page instead, at least as of Saturday November 12.

She's done other Planned Parenthood "Ask Dr. Cullins" Q&A on the Patch here.

As Dawn Eden, who supplied this tip to me says, "So much for their so-
called concern for women's health.

We also wrote about Planned Parenthood's "sweetheart deals" with the manufacturers of the Morning After Pill "Plan B" here, where they will make an additional profit of $18.3 million a year and up.

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