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Friday, November 25, 2005

More about abortions on television:

THE ABSTRACT TRUTH: The Voice Loses It. The alt-weekly of record thinks "The O.C." is in dire need of more abortions.

This often leads to writing that is simply deplorable, as in this last week's cover story, in which Rebecca Raber, apparently meaning to write a piece of standard pro-choice boilerplate, in fact came out with a pro-abortion screed. Such are the consequences of taking advocacy-group rhetoric seriously.

While the piece has the standard disclaimers about "fraught life choices" and the like, the gist is that television ought to show more abortions, mainly because having them isn't really a very big deal. "Abortion is not a dirty word," writes Raber, resorting to euphemistic rhetoric about "hard-won reproductive freedom" and feigning bemusement over the fact that many people feel that while "debating over abortion is OK, having one is not."

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