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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

More on multiple abortions.

Last week, the online magazine Nerve published a provocative article about multiple abortions.

Amy Welborn has just posted a link to another article about multiple abortions, this time in The New Republic, in their November 28 print edition.

The article by Garance Franke-Ruta starts out:

When Amy got pregnant during her freshman year of college, she knew that, at 18, she wasn't ready to be a mother. So she had an abortion. "That was a very easy decision to get to, but a very difficult emotional experience, both before and after," she says from San Francisco, where she now lives. "I wouldn't wish it on anyone else." Six years later, she says, she was living and working in New York City when, after a condom failure, she found herself with a second unwanted pregnancy. "That time, it was like, 'Oh, no! This sucks. Let me just take care of this.'" She had another abortion. "Oh well, that's over," she recalls thinking immediately afterward. "And then I didn't think about it very much." She didn't talk about it very much either, and, even today, she is loath to reveal it. "I rarely talk about the second abortion because of society's judgments about women who have a second abortion," she says. "It's like, 'Oh, you're allowed one mistake.'" But not two....
To read the rest, you have to be a subscriber.

However, Amy posts a lengthy excerpt from the article at her blog. Go read it!

The take-home point from the article seems to be that if women are having multiple abortions--and if those multiple abortions are concentrated among poor, non-white, abused women--then they should be not be seen as evidence that abortion has liberated these women. Indeed, the opposite conclusion should be considered.

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