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Saturday, November 12, 2005

"Sacramento all-girls Catholic high school Loretto and fired teacher Bain settle"

Just an update. The status of Katelyn Sills and her family is still uncertain. We blogged about this first here.

On one of the comboxes, a person who had received the allegedly threatening and harassing email sent by the Sills posted it. An official letter sent by the school administraton to its students (one of whom posted the contents of that letter here), said, "An email circulated on October 27, 2005, throughout the Sacramento region has slandered the reputation and integrity of Loretto High School."

Here is what the Sills' email apparently said, in its entirety:
"Sent: Thursday, October 27, 2005 10:36 AM
Subject: We ask for your prayers

Dear friends and family,

Please pray for our family during this crisis at Katelyn's high school. Click here to see Katelyn's blog, including the recent Sacramento Bee articles, and then skim through the"comments" section. Additonally, the school has prohibited me from campus. Please pray for our family and for Loretto CATHOLIC High School.

Thank you,

The commenter who posted it noted: "Please note that this email was sent after the Sills family was exposed in the Sacramento Bee on October 22."

Clearly, not a threatening or harassing word in the bunch, and also sent to only "friends and family."

That the teacher Bain and the school would settle so quickly is surprising. Not sure what it means. I hope it means she didn't wring the school for a lot of money. Several commenters opined that it looked like an intentional set-up by the pro-abortion Bain: get hired by a Catholic school, orchestrate her firing, then take the church/school to the cleaners in a settlement, given that she knew in advance they would object to her Planned Parenthood activism and subsequent turning to PP for support post-firing. Personally, it looks like she violated the terms of her employment by withholding or lying at interview/hire time about information that would violate her conditions for hire at the Catholic School, such as her involvement with and support of Planned Parenthood.

I do know that, were I Bain, I would not want my lawyer ever to be photographed shirtless, wearing a hippie wig, a 3-point American flag bandana, Howard Stern sunglasses, an actual American Flag as a cape and have "F*CK NIXON" scrawled in pen on his belly. That's the picture of her attorney John M. Poswall on the website of a book he wrote (scroll down on the bio page for this priceless photo, not the first photo), thanks to one of the "anonymous" posters there for the link.

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