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Saturday, December 31, 2005

The announcement by the panel, from Seoul National University where Dr. Hwang did his research, suggested that he did not just grossly exaggerate his work in an article published in the journal Science in June, but fabricated the entire paper.
From The New York Times article, "Panel Further Discredits Stem Cell Work of South Korean Scientist", by CHOE SANG-HUN, December 29, 2005.

The Associated Press story (for what that's worth) reported:
Hwang had claimed in a paper published in May in the journal Science that he had created 11 colonies of human embryonic stem cells genetically matched to specific patients.

An investigative panel at the university reported last week that Hwang had faked the research on nine of the stem cell lines. On Thursday, it confirmed he also fabricated his research for the two remaining cell lines as well.
"Amid Confusion, Journal Retracts Korean's Stem Cell Paper", by GINA KOLATA, December 31, 2005, shows it's perhaps much worse than just lying:
Anonymous scientists, in postings on Web sites used by science students, have recently alleged that a stem cell photo featured in [Hwang's] 2004 paper looked identical to one used in another journal, Stem Cells, that was written by Kim Seon Jong in 2003. The same picture also appeared in a paper by Dr. Kim earlier this year, they said. That could be a sign that some of the three papers may have been fabricated, they said.

Reports have also raised questions about payments Dr. Hwang made to two researchers as doubts rose about his work. On Thursday, Dr. Roe told reporters that Kim Seon Jong had received $30,000 from Dr. Hwang's office, and that Dr. Kim gave the money to the panel investigating the scandal, saying he wanted to return it. Dr. Roe said she heard that the other researcher in Pittsburgh, Park Jong Hyuk, received $10,000 from Dr. Hwang's office.
This is the same "researcher" who used human eggs from his female lab workers in violation of researcher ethics.

And people chide us for daring to question the Goliaths of the medical sciences community such as the National Cancer Institute, the American Cancer Society and some "blinders-on" researchers about other important matters like the increased risk of breast cancer from induced abortion.

Wait...I can hear it now...N...I...M...B...Y...Nooo, this could neeevvveeerrr happen in the U.S. of A.

Now...about that bridge for sale...

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