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Thursday, December 15, 2005

The Definitive Signs of the Apocalypse
1. Women Botoxing Their Underarms So They Won't Sweat For a Few Months.

2. Women Undergoing Surgery To "Repair" Their Hymens So Their Husbands Can Have the "Feel" of Having Sex With A Virgin.

3. The Washington State Democratic Party's Metallic Car Sticker--Offered On Their Official Web Site--Depicting The Christian Fish Symbol With Cross (Tilted To Look Like A Punched-Out Eye) And Emblazoned With The Word "HYPOCRITE" On A Background Of Hellish Flames. Since removed from their website, sans apology, natch.
My eye is twitching and it just. won't. stop.

This is what I get for trying to get my car serviced and being essentially held captive while someone put "The [Utterly Mindless Drivel] View" on the waiting room TV set. On the prior show, at least Regis' partner, whatever her name is (Kathy Lee? Geddy Lee? Kelly?), had the good sense to ridicule Action Item #1 above.

I can see it now: "All I Want For Christmas Is My Botoxed 'Pits."

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