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Monday, December 5, 2005

Morning, all.

Will be a slow week or so, here, as Emily's got a personal "event" taking up the bulk of her mindshare this week and probably next, so suffice to say we ask for prayers and thoughts for her and...this might be a good time for any/all of those she's asked about becoming co/guest bloggers with us here at After Abortion, to revisit her invitation and pray about it, as maybe this is a sign of how much you're needed and being called to join Em and me contributing here...those of you she's asked about this, you know who you are, no need to publicize! Thanks for all your patience.

On a bright note, Lee Anne writes:
"I just had news that the Planned Parenthood in Vancouver, Washington has been closed."
On a separate, sadder note, "Gilbert's autopsy report specifically indicated that she died from 'complications to a therapeutic abortion.'"

In the meantime, we direct you to all the great blogs covering some of the sorts of things Em and I would be covering:

Ashli's The SICLE Cell
Julie's Abortion Hurts
In Our Midst
Real Choice

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