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Saturday, December 31, 2005

The Year In Review

This is what my friends out at the sidewalks of our local abortion clinic have done, via the grace of God, in the entire year of 2005:
Helped save 129 babies from abortion, and their moms from lives of grief.
In December 2005 alone, 99 babies were aborted at this one clinic in this smallish city, 12 babies were saved, and 25 more women "turned away."

That means that about 1,200 were aborted there in 2005. About 89% of those who came there to abort, did so.

Since 1990, their little band of 20-30 people has helped save 1,461 babies and moms. About 91 per year.

For those who rail against this compassionate work as just a front for coercive proselytizing, in that same past 16 years, only 353 women voluntarily have made "confessions of Faith" in Christ, or an average of 22 a year.

One would suppose that'd be proof enough for the skeptics that Christians do in fact help women avoid abortion whether or not they "promise" to "become religious."

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