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Friday, December 2, 2005

A young woman going through a Beth Moore Bible study writes her Gilgal story.

Just a few weeks ago I learned about a place called Gilgal in a Beth Moore bible study I am currently involved in. Gilgal was the place that God brought the Israelites to after they had crossed the Jordan River with Joshua as they were finally to enter the promise land. It was there at Gilgal that they set up the stones they had taken from the middle of the Jordan to remember Gods’s faithfulness and care for them. Gilgal was the place that represented a “starting over” point where they could leave behind the doubt and faithlessness that was a part of their dessert wanderings. They had come full circle and it was there at Gilgal that God said to the Israelites “I have rolled away your reproach.” And now I can’t help but feeling like I am here in my own personal place of Gigal as I stand up a stone of remembrance to the God who has brought me full circle. After doing many laps around the dessert over my failures, I feel like I am finally crossing over to a place where I will no longer wear shame, but instead bare witness to what God has done in my life. I am not here to publicly expose my sin; I am here to proclaim my redemption. I would have never guessed that God would bring me back here to talk about abortion, but it is so like my God to allow me to share my heart with the place that was such an instrumental part of God’s healing. A healing that allows me stand before you completely redeemed and fully restored.
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