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Saturday, January 21, 2006

The 2nd annual Walk for Life in San Francisco starts in just a couple of hours. The organizers don't allow aborted-baby posters and other harsh signs. The signs they prefer say things like "Women Deserve Better than Abortion."

A California pro-life blogger has details here.

This article from a Friday edition of a leading San Francisco paper talks about plans to disrupt the Walk.

And, you can read directly here about a call to disrupt it:

Last January, the Walk for Life came to San Francisco to bring their anti-Choice/anti-reproductive rights ("pro-life"), pro-capitalist, and homophobic message to our city. Their march was disrupted and rerouted by civil disobedience. This year they're at it again, and intend to bring out thousands (vast majority of whom are bussed in from other cities and towns), which means that we need to show up in full force and bring out just as many, if not more, people. We are calling on the people and workers of San Francisco and the Bay Area to rise up and completely stop them in their tracks and shut down their march.
See here also.

HT: FaceRight.

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