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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Actually, if memory serves, I believe [After Abortion was] mentioned several times, not only by Kathryn [Lopez], but by Charmaine Yoest as well. :o)
Jewels | Homepage | 01.24.06 - 7:54 pm | #
Well, shut. my. mouth.

I hate to admit this, but being back to the grind with the dayjob and heads down on raising my son/personal life otherwise, I didn't even know who Charmaine was till Blogs4Life, and I probably still couldn't tell you why I should know!

**she said, sheepishly**

Same with La Shawn Barber (pictured here with Charmaine, Tim from ProLife Blogs and Peter from March Together at Blogs4Life).

Sorry, but I will try to do better, ladies!

OK, just did a quick lookup... From reading La Shawn's bio, even just the first 3 paragraphs, I know I'm going to like her a lot, and so will not a few of our readers.

As for Charmaine, all I can say is "Where have *I* been?" and ooh, boy, UVA, my son's second choice of colleges! Any pointers?? (Just kidding).

I don't know about Em, but I feel a bit unworthy, now, knowing these multiple-degreed, nationally known, published-author, expert-in-their-fields women mention the blog in public like that.

All I got is a Psychology Degree and this lousy T-shirt.

Thanks, Jewels, for the update. And the edjeecashun.

GO, FOLKS, to Jewels' blog in the near future, many (392!) MFL06 photos promised! And the best laugh I've had all week, perhaps all month.

I'd have paid good money to get the photog to snap that shot! And here it is, for free! Life dudn't get much better than this.

PS: I guess we should get some real live quotes from what these learned ladies said about Aa, sort of like everyone else has on their sidebars? Maybe? Anyone?

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