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Monday, January 23, 2006

Arizona Operation Outcry event:
I would say this week end was a success between our local WRTL Walk and the AZ RTL March and rally. At both events OO was recognized and many "Friend Of The Court" forms handed out, and I was able to distibute OO information to a few key people who may use them in their ministries. Plus many of our local churches in Wickenburg distributed forms. I will not know the results for a while with the churches, but at least they are aware of OO. We just need to keep plugging away and make as many people aware as possible. Blessings, Karen.
(Waiting to learn which state the following report was from:)
Upon arrival at church the pink and blue flags were out on the lawn, and bouquets of balloons with "Life is Precious" and "Celebrate Life" were inside the front door. After a few praise songs, a lady from the local pregnancy centers talked about the ministry. Then she and I sat at a coffee-table like setting, lights dimmed, while a gal sang "a baby's prayer." (go to this web page, turn the sound on and just listen--the lyrics are not on the page: During this, there was a video of babies' ultrasounds. Then I shared my testimony. After that, Pastor Reg spoke. It was powerful, and very healing for me. Thanks so much for your prayers. Hugs, Carol

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