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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

As one who was at the MFL I can say that this was one of the biggest I've seen in the last six years.

FWIW NBC just reported that there were 22,000 teenagers alone at the rally at the MCI center [yesterday, Jan. 23] morning.

I did most of the march this year--had to break away towards the end because of a meeting that had gotten scheduled while I wasn't looking. Anyways, the overwhelming presence at the march, more than any other demographic, was teenage girls.
I saw not a single prochoice counter-protester. It was prolifers as far as the eye could see. I'd never seen such a mob in my life!
By actual count, here is the total number of pro-choice folks I saw: 2.

Of course, when I hopped in the car, there was good old WTOP radio telling me how "both sides of the abortion debate took to the streets here in Washington today..."

Yeah, I suppose they did, but certainly not in the equal numbers that statement implies. The street reporter's piece did overwhelmingly feature pro-life voices, with one obligatory pro-choice sound bite to "give both sides of the story."

I agree with you, Kathleen, the crowd did seem larger this year.

It was indeed refreshing to see many people remain for the Silent No More presentation. It was something completely different for a lot of people, so I hope it opened some eyes.

The "brief speaker" in this post was Bob Dornan, former U.S rep, R-CA.
Duncan Sahner [is the full name of the articulate "Princeton Students for Life" representative interviewed on TV yesterday at MFL06]. A truly excellent person, and one to watch.
Mary (commenting in this post)
representing Steubenville!!

God Bless!

Billy Valentine
Students for Life

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