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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Blogger JivinJehoshaphat has lots of good reading, including a post about pro-life posters on the BART system in San Francisco and reacting with non-moderation to a moderate pro-choice position.

One of his posts links to this recent post-abortion story at a pro-choice LiveJournal site. The diarist writes, among other things, that "I wake up at night with dreams and find myself screaming I want my baby back."

And the ever-chipper Eyelid suggests in response that this young woman find a way to avoid "wallowing in depression".

Can you feel the love?

Just so we're all clear, when someone repeatedly wakes up at night, screaming that she wants her baby back, this person is experiencing a trauma symptom. We do not treat this trauma symptom by advising such a person to avoid wallowing in depression.

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