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Saturday, January 21, 2006

Coverage starting on San Francisco's Walk for Life:

On San Francisco's ABC affiliate, Competing Rallies on Eve of Abortion Anniversary:

Jan. 21 - Thousands of abortion opponents carrying rosaries, baby pictures and artwork of the Virgin Mary marched Saturday to protest the 33rd anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the U.S. Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion.

Shouldering signs with slogans such as "Peace Begins in the Womb," and "Women Deserve Better Than Abortion," the marchers were met on their downtown route by abortion rights supporters holding clothes hangers and shouting "Bigots go home."

Police lined the streets to keep the competing protesters away from each other.
On the CBS station, Duelling Abortion Rallies Converge in SF.

In the San Francisco Chronicle, Thousands rally in SF for competing abortion demonstrations.

A pro-life blogger wrote yesterday about why her family would be there today, in walking for life takes courage and faith:

The message of the Walk for Life West Coast is clear: Women Deserve Better than Abortion. It’s a slogan coined by Feminists for Life of America, but the message reaches beyond pro-life feminists to the many, many people here who see that abortion hurts women. In San Francisco, until recently, there were more abortions than live births and we now have the lowest percentage of children in the population of any major city in the US. Other factors are in play, but certainly it is not a culture that values or supports life or family life.

This year, it looks like even more than last year’s 8,000 people will be walking. The Walk’s speakers are people of courage and conviction: Childress, founder of Black Genocide; columnist Star Parker; and Feminists for Life of America President Serrin Foster.

For our kids, despite all the love that will surround them, the Walk is rough.

Our third son, just 9, is daunted by the prospect of the Walk because despite all the police protection, it was a scary prospect to see and hear those madly yelling, gesturing pro-abortion counter-demonstrators. Some threw eggs and condoms, while others spit. But our 11-year-old consoles his younger brother this year, saying, “Joseph, we have to do this because we want to save the babies. And we have to be there for Aunty D.”

It makes me want to cry that my children have to cope with these realities, but in San Francisco, pro-abortion is just another word for business as usual.

What are parents to do? My husband Patrick and I have chosen to tell our boys the reality (gently couched) — and every night our 6-year-old or our 9-year-old, pray, “End Abortion.” For the many families who will walk — and they and the college students from surrounding campuses were the majority last year — this is a stand of principle and faith.

We truly believe women — and children! — deserve better than abortion.

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