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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Dawn of CaringBridge journal commented about our post on all the 65 babies born--not aborted--who had been diagnosed in utero with life-threatening and/or severe prenatal defects:

On a fluke search I found this blog, and the link to my daughter, Sarah's story, "A Purple Bow for Sarah"!

How thrilled I am that these stories are getting out there, and hopefully giving courage to others. BeNotAfraid was a support to me before my experience, and I am ever thankful to Monica for that, and for giving me the opportunity to share our story with others.

Thanks Annie for directing others! And to all who have read the stories!

Go read her daughter Sarah's latest post!

Christina also put the Be Not Afraid link in her Real Choice sidebar too, under "Resources for Avoiding Abortion." (Christina, you might want to change "Resoures" to "Resources"!

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