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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Here's a great little video news report from the San Francisco Fox affiliate about yesterday's Walk for Life.

The Walk for Life, as you can see from the video clip, has a strong focus on the detrimental impact of abortion on women, and on helping women in crisis pregnancies. Indeed, one of the speakers, journalist Star Parker, has had four abortions.

Blogger FaceRight was at the Walk, and says:

Today's Walk for Life West Coast was a wonderful event. Drawing some 15,000, it had a significantly larger turnout than last year, in spite of the initially bad weather. The organization was excellent, the program (mercifully) short, the crowd congenial, and the day ultimately sunny.

The threatened disruptions by local leftists never transpired - partly no doubt due to the strong presence of the SFPD - and the number of counter-demonstrators was much smaller than last year.
A Christian news source has additional details and photos.

More photos from this blogger, Random Jottings and Jill Stanek. Parades/walks like this do create some great photos, don't they?

This pro-choice blogger was also there, has lots of interesting photos, and some savvy commentary on massaging the message through smart use of demographics. However, she believes, at least as far as the pro-life contingent, that it's all cynical manipulation of public image.

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