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Sunday, January 22, 2006

I spoke this afternoon with Karen Reynoso of Renewed Hope Ministry. Karen is also an organizer of the California branch of Silent No More and was part of yesterday's San Francisco Walk for Life.

Karen concurs with others (scroll down) that there was much less of a counter-protest this year than last. She and seven others holding "I Regret My Abortion" signs were toward the front of the Walk, close to the sidewalk. This made it easier for her to see and hear anything shouted at her by those protesting the Walk. Karen also says there was much more of a police presence this year, and the police officer near her told her that the counter-protest was just "the same old people" who come out every week.

A woman near Karen in the walk approached her and told her that she'd had several abortions years earlier, and that Karen was the first person she's ever told.

I asked Karen how much work the Walk organizers seem to put into getting those who are participating in the Walk to stay on message--mostly, to avoid shouting back at the counter-protestors, not to display aborted-baby pictures, and not to wear "abortion is murder" apparel. Karen said that the Walk goal of a quiet, prayerful presence was mentioned several times from the stage in the talks before the Walk started. She also said that a few gentlemen in the group behind her did respond to the opposition with comments that were "a little too aggressive" but that apparently those closer to them successfully encouraged them to cut it out, since it only occurred in the opening few blocks of the Walk.

Karen's overall response to the Walk was that "it was a wonderful, peaceful, loving and kind experience".

Karen is organizing a Silent No More event this coming Friday in Riverside, California. Our prayers are with her and those who will be speaking with her.

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