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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

I'm forwarding this request from Kelly Aquilon:

I am presently working on a book which is a compilation of letters post-abortive men and women have written to their children. I am a post-abortive woman who was blessed to receive great healing through two post-abortive ministries; Post-abortion Community Services and Rachel’s Vineyard. The letter written to my child was a love letter written to a child I had not allowed into the world. It was a testimony of my faith that my daughter was safe in the arms of Jesus. My letter comforted me and helped me to ask her to forgive me for my choice.

The letters men and women have written are heartfelt expressions of loss and love, of regret and hope. They serve as reminders to others that not only is abortion a hurtful act to both mother, father and child but that forgiveness is possible, God’s healing powers are endless and His mercy is ever present.

I ask that you contribute your letters which may be signed with an initial, Mom, Dad or not at all to retain anonymity.

Please email Kelly here.

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