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Friday, January 20, 2006

Millie Lace, Arkansas Operation Outcry State Leader, was interviewed by Marya Morgan, News Anchor on K-LOVE Radio Network, and it's airing today but is also available online at their Newspage for listening.

Go to Scroll down to "People," click the "Listen" button. It's only about 3 minutes long, and it really isn't descriptive of her personal story, but that's what the events are for.

Millie had her abortion due to a maternal medical health problem. She quotes the statistics about how many women last year were in any form of Post-Abortion (PA) recovery group.

If you thought the number was in the tens of thousands, you'd be "cold" rather than "warm."

It's over 100,000, just last year.

2,000 women so far have completed and signed legal affidavits in support of the legal efforts to get the truth out about how many women are hurt by abortion. More are signing them all the time. There were only 1,000 of us who'd done so, two years ago.

Suppose that's 100,000 women every year, and say even half are "new" to PA recovery groups. You do the math.

Suppose every two years, another 1,000 affidavits are completed. And every two years, another 100,000 women join a PA recovery group for even one year.

In ten years, that will make about 7,000 legal affidavits, and another 500,000 women in PA recovery.

Now won't that be a crowd.

Imagine a March For Life, of just. post-abortive. women. who. regret.

UDPATE: To contact any of the Operation Outcry State Leaders, go here and click on the state (hover over with the cursor first) for email addies.
Also, Millie Lace's local group is Concepts Of Truth.

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