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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Millie Lace (pictured on this link) reports in about the Operation Outcry event in Little Rock:
We had a really good crowd and wonderful ladies (and my husband) to share their hearts in testimony. We had some media - I think one interviewed Amy-I don't know which one - some only stayed for like the very first and one channel 7 news stayed til around the middle. I know the Baptist news was there but we got no coverage in The Gazette after them saying they would come.

... as we were leaving LRock, I got a call from our office and Kay said Channel 11 news had called and said they couldn't make our event but wanted to come to us!! They said they were willing to drive the 100 miles, but Kay told them we were just leaving LRock. We called their number and they ask if we would come by their
studio! It blew us away - in our van was myself, Dail, Denise and Fr. Ed.Graves from Wynne. So, we turned around and went to Channel 11. They put us on a stool and turned on the lights and asked questions. We were praying they wouldn't twist anything and it didn't surprise us that they had interviewed Planned Parenthood.

Senator Jim Holt participated and was very touched.

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