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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Not apropos of all the important stuff Emily's been blogging about lately, but a big event just took place yesterday in my household, and if you'll permit me a sort of "Mom-blogging":

I bought us a new home entertainment system.

Their names are "Steve" and "Duke," and they're 4-month-old kittens.

(Had you wondering a moment, eh?)

They're brothers, and when I saw Duke jump up and come eagerly to his Cat Adoption Van cage door at the sound of my voice, it was love at first sight (which only works between pets and humans, I'm convinced). My son had also wanted to name them "regular people" names, so when I learned their names, it iced the deal.

His brother, Steve, is the more laid-back and cautious one, but equally as affectionate as the bold explorer Duke. They were well past the "cute-fuzzy-kitteny" looks and had to be adopted together, but I already was looking for two kittens of a young enough age to get along (eventually) with our 14-year-old mutt (who terribly misses his old "sister", our first cat, who passed away a few years ago).

With the dog outside at first, I spent their first hour at home laughing, as they explored, stalked, chased, jumped and rough-housed with each other.

What a tonic it is for my son and I to have cats again. There is almost nothing like having a loving, motorboat-purring cat wanting to plop on your lap, and even "give you kisses" on your hand for being so kind to them. But to have two like that! These two rascals adore being picked up and held--only for so long--but that's enough for us.

So, we have to close the toilet seat lid now, and change the catbox, and teach them to stay out of the sink and off any table that sees food on it ever (a must, in my estimation) and to not attack my undercovers feet while I sleep (serious sleep deprivation is not an option so I think I'm shutting my door tonight), but my son and I and even the dog already are having a ball with them around (they finally accepted him last night, although it'll still be a few days before they're comfortable including him in their playtime, which he eagerly wants to do).

When we see them launch full-frontal assaults on each other, only to leap vertically three feet in the air and never really clash, and when we hear them pounding across the floor in hot pursuit of each other, well, the smiles on our faces are worth all the trouble.

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