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Monday, January 23, 2006

"Princeton Pro-Life" on EWTN discusses defending the prolife position using nothing but logic and "public reason." No religion, no spirituality, no bible quotes, no mention of God. With this way of reasoning, student Duncan (sorry I didn't catch his last name) says "the pro-life position is not only tenable but morally responsible to hold..."

Duncan remarked that he was at the "March for Choice" two years ago, when everyone looked rather homogenous, but at the March for Life, you find people of all ages, all colors, and
by us being here at the March For Life, we hope people will realize also that Princeton is not a bastion of pure moral relativism... there is hope here.
I'm soooo glad to hear that; that's one of the colleges my son is really hoping to attend. "Newborns-are-not-persons" Prof. Peter Singer notwithstanding.

A former atheist is talking now about how at age 17, he'd never heard of abortion, but his girlfriend had one while he was away at basic training with the army. Imagine hearing what it is for the first time, like this fellow: over the phone, from his crying girlfriend, while away at basic training. He's now with Human Life International, and I believe formerly with Rock For Life.

He says his first ten years in the prolife movement, he was still an atheist. Now he's a Catholic.

Three busloads of students from Indiana's Notre Dame University, the Fighting Irish, and the St. Mary's women's college, were just introduced.

The HLI fellow remarked at how incredibly many young people are there in the growing crowd.

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