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Monday, January 23, 2006

Quick report from the Silent No More Awareness gathering at the Supreme Court.

I just got off the phone with Janet Morano. Janet, with Georgette Forney, is one of the two co-founders of the Silent No More Awareness Campaign.

As we spoke at 6:15 EST, the SNMA gathering was drawing to a close. Three women had yet to speak.

Women came to testify at the SNMA event from Scotland and northern Ireland. One particularly moving testimony was from a native American woman who had aborted twins. Janet said that many, many states had women speaking. Altogether, about sixty women and four men spoke or will speak. It's the first year that one of the testimonies was delivered in Spanish.

As with last year, the SNMA representatives holding their "I Regret My Abortion" signs were invited to stand on the speaker's platform at the beginning of the March. Janet says that the main difference from last year is that the stage was bigger and better this year, with a much better sound system, and the March organizers allowed all the SNMA women on stage (last reason, space limitations precluded this).

I asked, "What's your main thought right now?" and Janet said with a laugh, "It is that we are all freezing cold and wet."

Last year, there was an hour in between the March for Life and the SNMA event where those of who were speaking with SNMA warmed up inside the nearby Gospel of Life house. That didn't happen this year! No intermission and warm-up! I can't imagine exactly how cold and uncomfortable everyone must be right now.

Janet also said that many, many more people from the March stayed in front of the Supreme Court to watch the SNMA event, with a loving and heartwarming response to each person who testified.

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