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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Social activism and telling your story: a practical way to progress in healing:

A man who uses his practicality in his grieving acknowledges and expresses his feeling of loss in a physical, tangible way. His grief takes on a practical and sensate quality. In the practical mode, men will tend to do things in honor of the loss. I worked with one man whose son was killed in a car accident. To deal with his grief the man got involved in a victim's rights group, donating his time and skills as a lawyer. In doing this he found a contained place where he could freely communicate his thoughts and feelings about his grief. He was able to tell his story over and over as someone else might do in a therapy group, but he did it as a part of his service activity. Not only does such service work join the man's activity with his grief, it also has the potential to imbue the death with meaning. Grief without meaning can be a dangerous and prolonged experience.
From Tom Golden's Swallowed by a Snake.

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