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Monday, January 23, 2006

They are proof that there is reconciliation and there is hope. We are so glad to have the women of Silent No More here with us on the stage. Their testimony gives witness to the lie that the other side puts forth, that abortion is pro-woman.
Rep. Christopher Smith, (R), New Jersey, onstage right now at the March For Life at 12:18 pm.

"Unborn children are no less alive than Ted Kennedy or Nancy Pelosi."

Rep. Steve Chabot, Ohio, is speaking now. Behind the main podium are several women holding the big black "I REGRET MY ABORTION" signs. Awesome.

It's raining there now. It looks cold. People's breaths are coming out in puffs. I can't help but remember how I wore a cotton T-shirt at the counterprotest at the March for Choice in April 2004.

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