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Monday, January 23, 2006

Three-quarters of all abortions in Africa are wanted [i.e., instigated, demanded] by the men.
~ Lambert Mbom, of Cameroon, Africa, interviewed on EWTN at the March For Life 2006.

Lambert Mbom @ MFL06 

He related how, when he was younger, his girlfriend became pregnant and told him she wanted an abortion. He objected to it, and then left her because he preferred to marry her, as he was happy about having the baby with her.

I think she got money from a friend and then went to a clinic that is run by my own friend, who called me and told me she'd gone through it.

I slept for two days, after crying so hard. I have gone through the Rachel's Vineyard retreats since then and now I work with the retreats. I neglected my girlfriend when she needed me most. I didn't help her when she needed me to help her have the baby.
He's become a volunteer with Rachel's Vineyard retreats in his native country ever since.

A picture's worth a thousand "National-Park-Police-Crowd-Estimates-Not-Given Anymore"

Crowd at MFL06 Posted by Picasa

Other tidbits:

Over 600 people are in D.C. from Iowa.

Ten buses from Franciscan University of Steubenville, three-quarters of the school came, they closed the school so everyone could come to D.C.

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