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Saturday, January 21, 2006

Today's the day that pro-lifers from around the country start converging on Washington, DC in preparation for Monday's March for Life.

Up until the March of Monday, when all the focus turns to the march itself, the main place to be is the Hyatt Regency on New Jersey Avenue. If you stand in the lobby there, within a few hours you'd see all the prominent figures in the pro-life movement pass by. There's a large conference room set up with booths and displays from all the major, and many not-so-major, pro-life groups. Other rooms on the conference level are taken up with presentations and smaller group meetings. It's a buzz of activity, and it's also the main place for those who have come to DC to be Silent No More to find each other.

I've arranged with Georgette Forney, national director of Silent No More, that I'll occasionally call her on her cell Sunday and Monday, and she'll pass it around to the Silent No More contingent, so that we can live-blog events there as much as possible. Whoo-hoo!

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