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Saturday, January 21, 2006

We're coming up on the third anniversary of this blog...February 9, 2006. I started it mainly because there was no place on the internet that pulled together in one place all the news of interest to those who are part of the post-abortion movement. That includes information about post-abortion ministries, research on the impact of abortion on women, and news about activism. By "activism" I mostly mean the efforts of those of us who are post-abortive to build social and cultural awareness about the fact that, for some (many?) women, abortion results in a significant (sometimes catastrophic) emotional wound.

One of the obstacles to our goal of good coverage (besides limited time) is that a lot of folks in the post-abortion movement--just like a lot of folks in the world at large--don't necessarily get the internet in general and the blogsophere in particular, so it can be hard to crank information out of them to share here.

So, I'm always glad to see it when post-abortion people start blogs. Here are two new blogging friends: Silent No More in Minnesota and Clothed With Joy.

And, due to Hunybea's post-abortion blog, which she started a year ago, you can see pictures of Thursday's SNMA gathering in Missouri.

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