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Monday, February 20, 2006

Another reader has asked a question about some feelings she experienced when pregnant last year.

Hi Emily...

I've been wanting to share this with you and get your feedback, or that of the AfterAbortion crew...

It's about when I was pregnant a year ago. Okay, I'm married, stable, seeking pregnancy... but when I found out I was pregnant I went through some intense emotions: fear, panic, dread... I EVEN had this thought: I could go secretly have an abortion! This scared the sh*# out of me!

Is it our hormones, and morning sickness? Why aren't women taught that these feelings that might come up, even in a "planned" pregnancy...
I imagine back when I had my abortions... all the fear and dread, of which, had I had support would have most likely passed... I feel even more deceived by Planned Parenthood for not telling me many of my feelings of fear and dread were normal!

Have you run into this before? I was afraid to share it back then... I felt rotten and like I was betraying our child by even thinking about abortion... I felt so low!

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