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Wednesday, February 8, 2006

Come again, please?

This interesting exchange came from a friend of mine, a leader in my state's pro-life and pro-family issues, engaged in post-Alito-confirmation talking-head commentary on the local news.
[D]uring last night's [Feb. 2] taping of the Fox 61 [Connecticut TV News] panel discussion, the central theme of CT NOW Executive Director Kathleen Sloan's comments was that Roe v. Wade was
"beside the point."
When I responded by saying that Roe v. Wade was, in fact, the most important element of [Alito's] confirmation and the reason why there was so much passion on both sides, Ms. Sloan could not change the subject fast enough.

This moment marks a watershed in the battle over public opinion regarding Roe v. Wade. It would have been unthinkable in, say, 1992 for a NOW spokesman to publicly describe Roe v. Wade as "beside the point."

...When speaking to a larger audience [than "CT's left-wing blogs"], such as Fox 61's viewers, even [Connecticut] NOW is forced to downplay Roe v. Wade.

Last year, NARAL was publicly shamed into withdrawing an ad falsely implying that Chief Justice Roberts supported violence against abortionists. Last night, a CT NOW official felt it necessary to downplay the significance of Roe v. Wade. These things would not have happened 15 years ago.
I wouldn't exactly say Connecticut is changing its spots, but this did come as a surprise. Makes me wonder what NOW is really hearing from people in this state.

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