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Thursday, February 2, 2006

Esther Kaplan in The Nation has a column about the Pro-Life Bloggers conference held in in conjunction with the recent March for Life. Esther attended the blogger's conference and reports:

Much of the talk was focused admiringly on sites like After Abortion (which has more than 10,000 registered users) and the After Abortion blog that encourage women to tell their own stories about experiencing abortions--as long as they follow a storyline of loss, regret, emotional trauma and healing through Christ.
Actually, the message-board website After Abortion is scrupulous about maintaining religious neutrality, nor do those who post there necessarily regret their abortion. (It's a point that gets lost on both sides, that some women experience significant trauma after an abortion, but do not regret the abortion, and vice versa.) And of course, on our blog we often link to stories about women who do not regret or grieve their abortions.

Esther Kaplan's column also mentions Christina's blog, and makes snarky comments about the Silent No More Awareness campaign.

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