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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Theresa sends her report on the Silent No More Awareness event on the streets of NYC last week, plus more photos.
Being in NYC we had a captive audience! We were on 6th between 49-50th and there was a steady stream of people coming by throughout the event.

Six people testified, Rachel O'Leary from Rachel's Vineyard (CT); Katie, Alexandra, Mary, Eric, and myself. everyone was great!

I brought a bunch of pamphlets which I gave to Kristine from the FLO to hand out RAchel and MArie had pamphlets as well. Ours were all taken by the end of the time.

We had a bunch of people there to support us. Some of the Sisters of Life, Kristen Pearson from the Family Life office, Marie Ryan from Paterson NJ Family life office and some Priests For Life staff (who also took care of the sound), Florence and some whose names I do not know. Thank you! Sr Mary Elizabeth noted that the air was "peaceful" harsh comments...people seemed captivated. All said it was very powerful.

We had a constant audience who stopped to listen..many of whom were men. Even without anyone saying a word, the presence would have had an impact. Being in the middle of Manhattan, literally probably thousands saw us, between those walking and the cars going by. I pray many hearts were touched and that they have the courage to come forward for healing.

I also want to thank those who stood silently with me...I truly feel a brotherhood and it always touches me so much to see the courage and hear the witnesses...

Thank you again Colleeen would not have been possible without you! And of course most importantly, I thank God who is raising this up with help from Georgette & Janet

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