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Thursday, March 2, 2006

Bloggers, beware (especially Pro-Life ones). A really (unintentionally) funny "form-letter" e-mail may be winding its way to you, as it just did to us here:
Hi, I recently came across your '' blog and I absolutely loved your post, and I think the angle that your blog takes is really smart...We're really trying to build the political arm of the company and I think your content would be perfect for the kind of dialogue we’re hoping to inspire.
The "angle?" The "political arm?" I'm reasonably certain they never even read this site nor any posts on it. If they did, I somehow really doubt they'd want us.

They're a media site (so they say) for gosh sake!

I won't give them any publicity or links but the word in the blogosphere is that this particular "social news and politics" site (to which bloggers post content thus sharing in the site's revenue based on eyeballs garnered) is garbage and doesn't share the revenue at all anyway. But the rhetoric sure helps the company behind the site attract more rounds of venture capital money to pay the honchos' salaries for a few more years, oh, yes, it does.

Bloggers have dissed this for not sharing the wealth, being poorly designed and unwieldy and messy and confusing. Apparently there are several of these schemes attempting to float.

As a businesswoman who's done marketing and sales for decades and who gets more fake "the last time we spoke" e-mail than I can burn in one year, I really gag when I see such smarmy, transparent attempts at connecting with potential "clients."

Blah blah woof woof, I say.

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