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Monday, March 13, 2006

In the last few days, different reactions to abortion:

i don't know how to handle the pain in the world. in myself. can't make it go away.

i had an abortion.

i was a killer. i was a mother. i was a lover. i was a target. i was a statistic. i was alone.
My deepest darkest secret i didnt want anyone ever knowing:

I had an abortion when i was 21. And ill do it again to keep from having children.
i just wont to say one thing to all woman that have abortions i know what its like you think you are making the right Decision till after. well i think i made the biggest mistake of my life having a abortion. but as i do i listened to everyone and they said "don't keep it you cant take care of it money wise" then there was ma mates saying "keep it, it would be great" but at the end of the day i listened to my family and i hate them for making me do it. my mom even came with me to make sure i had it done i felt well sick after like "what have i done ive just killed something inside of me"

well life ain't getting any better for me the only people i could and can talk to one WAS my mate, and the other is michelle my best mate and she doesn't know i had a abortion. god im glad i got a on-line journal so i can say what i'm feeling without screaming.

I am NOT sorry that I had an abortion.
Neither do I suffer from depressions. Dear fucktards, get it into your heads that a woman does not automatically gets depressions after an abortion. I? Was glad enough that I wanted to do a lambada right after waking up from the surgery. So, stop telling me that I MUST be sad and depressed but don't notice it because I suppress those emotions. WRONG! No cookies for you! Now get out of my sight before I bite off your stupid heads!

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