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Monday, March 27, 2006

One of the women contacted to speak on the documentary/reality show "30 Days" (see above) wasn't ready to share publically but wanted to write Jennifer a letter. Her letter sparked an idea.

A major post abortion counseling organization would like to collect written letter/testimonies from post-abortive women who have already experienced the abortion recovery process. We'd like to help this group get them to Jennifer (the pro-choice woman who is filming the show). Our prayers are that she can have the opportunity to read letters in the privacy of her own home and maybe ask for help somewhere else when the inspiration is given to her to do so.

If your life has been negatively touched by abortion and you'd like to share some COMPASSIONATE thoughts with Jennifer, please email them to me, Annie ( AfterAbortionBlog "[at]" ; delete the extra spaces and the "[at]" and replace with the @ sign) and I'll forward them to the counseling group to give to Jennifer. They'd love to hand her a BOX full of letters/testimonies.

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