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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Regarding the 30 Days reality TV show we blogged about last week, we received an update from the folks who actually run the show's chosen "safe haven" home for the moms who chose not to abort:
Pastor "John Doe" has a film crew at [home for unwed moms]. They are filming for the show 30 DAYS reality TV shown on [F/X] cable (supposedly, this show is very popular with young viewers). A pro-choice young lady has moved in the home and the film crew is following her around to her appointments and daily living situations. This young woman is a professional abortion counselor and doesn't believe in God.

The film crew has also gone out to film the sidewalk counseling that Pastor [Doe] and his counselors perform on an almost daily basis. And he was sucker punched by an irate husband bring his wife for an abortion. All of this right in front of the cameras.

The film crew has about 16 more days to film at [the home].
I don't know if the pro-choice woman is actually a professional abortion counselor, that would be news to me, if it's true. I've omitted names of people and the place, to protect all involved from anyone who might intend any harm, from either side.

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